Monday, August 5, 2013

Many New Things!

Why hello people of the internet!

I thought I'd be creative and just do a weird little introduction there. Ha. (:

I feel like I haven't posted an update in a long time and I think it's because well, I've been busy and I just don't dwell on my surgery as much as I did back. . . in March. Wow. It's been five months? WHEW! That's a long time.

I can't say that it's like everything is brand new or like I can't tell that I've gotten surgery because then I'd be absolutely lying. There are still some adjustments I'm making to my every day stuff. For one, I can't eat a chip normally to save my life. With the surgery came a lot of new space in my mouth that wasn't there before. I know that sounds kind of impossible when I say that. Almost like, "How could you make more space in your mouth than there was before?" Well, the doctors didn't make my mouth bigger. I don't think that's really. . . possible but he did expand my upper jaw so they could align properly with my lower teeth (if that makes sense). And even though everything feels great and stuff, I still have issues eating certain things LIKE CHIPS. It's aggravating. XD

Another thing that I'm still dealing with is the tightness in my face. While it's gone down TREMENDOUSLY in the last five months, it's still there. I've also noticed that I definitely have some scars in my mouth (which added to the ones I had before that). I've had several surgeries before this which is something I've really come to terms with. Anyway, the scars are. . . tender and kind of not fun to feel around with the tongue. I now have two new scars that are on the left and right side of my upper gums on the far sides that kind of go up even toward the gums and the inner, upper lip. It's a weird sensation, that's for sure. When I first got my splint off and I felt around (very carefully, might I add) I noticed the scars but I thought they'd heal because they didn't seem like scars. Needless to say--I was wrong.

Lastly, (and I've mentioned this before) I also have my new bite to deal with when it comes to playing the clarinet! Music is a huge part of my life and such but you know what? I'd much rather choose a beautiful smile rather than playing clarinet and being a section leader in freaking marching band. Not that I don't love marching band or playing the clarinet but I've been dealing with my mouth, my teeth, and my smile for a really long time and it's something I'm going to have to live with a for a long time and that's much more important to me at the end of the day.

I only mention that last thing because well, I've started marching band again for the year. It's band camp and that means two straight weeks of playing and marching at the same time. I've been able to start playing in the higher register again (and with a lot of ease compared to last time) and that's been really fun and exciting. Also, because I got a fistula closed during my jaw surgery, NO AIR ESCAPES! That's even more exciting. Why? Well, when you play the clarinet and air escapes because of a hole that's in your mouth. . . well then you run out of air faster and it just causes for bad breath support overall. It's really cool to know that I can play normally--just like everyone else in my section. Of course, with all these positives, there are a few negatives--but I'm learning to deal with them. Because of the surgery and because I wasn't able to play for a few months, I couldn't audition for section leader back in the spring. That was a downer and I was really angry and just depressed about that, but I've decided that God has brought me a lot of great opportunities in the last few months and He has blessed with me so many other things and for that, I'm not going to dwell on anything. Sure, I'm reminded of it every day. Sure, I'm sure I would have been a pretty okay section leader. But God has a plan. And that's all that matters. Another, downside to the surgery is I still have pain when I play. However, I'm able to play for a while now. About an hour or so. Which is an improvement from a month ago. Before that, I could barely play for a half hour. It's going to take a while but I'll get back to being able to without any restrictions.

Another two new things which is fun. Or I guess, maybe three? I'm not sure. Well, first of all, I got a haircut! So that's a great feeling! Ha. XD And secondly, I got my senior pictures done on Saturday, the 3rd of August. It was really interesting smiling for pictures again and to think about all the stuff I've gone through for the past few months and all the growth I've done. The photographer told me he noticed my braces which reminded me that unlike most people my age, I still had mine on. Most have had them off. I've had my braces on when people got theirs on AND off. It's kind of funny. . . in a rather ironic way. Anyway, he asked if maybe I'd want them to be edited out. I thought about it and he said there weren't any promises but they'd try. Well, right now, I have these really small, tight rubber bands that my orthodontist keeps changing the position of and I'm thinking about HOW close I am to getting my braces off. She keeps saying, "September or October." THAT'S IN ONE OR TWO MONTHS! That's crazy! AND SUPER EXCITING! I'm so excited to have them off and be done with them. They've brought me so much pain. So many annoying eating habits. And they really restricted me when I first started learning the clarinet. I WANT THEM OFF. I think I deserve to have them off too, especially because I've had them on for six years. :P

Anyway. . . an official update:

Swelling: Gone? I still can't tell.
Emotional Status: Great! (: Sometimes a little angry or bitter about things but overall, I'm happy!
Pain: 3/10 (I played clarinet for a while today. It hurt. ): )
Diet: Normal with some weird ways in eating things. . . I can't bite directly into some things.
Numbness: Still a tad tight in my lips. Still somewhat numb in my gums and my hard palate.
Speech: Sounds awesome! (:
Congestion: I'm getting super annoyed with my allergies these days where my nose gets runny and then stuffy in one nostril. Very frustrating.

Time for a picture? Sure! Why not!

Looks good if I do say so myself! (: