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Why hello there! (:

So this page is dedicated to my other blog! So yes, I'm shamelessly promoting myself, but I'm also just letting some of you guys know that I have another blog that is focused on something that's totally different! 

I actually love giving advice to people so I had decided that I was going to start a blog on Tumblr that is dedicated to students like myself! I basically blog about stuff that isn't my surgeries (; Ha! I give advice regarding being a high school student or college student! I decided that it would be a good idea to start an advice blog because I really want to be able to give the advice that I wish I had during high school and probably college! (Same goes for this blog). Anyway, I talk about stuff like: study tips, homework tips/the importance of homework, dating/relationships, college application, college essays/personal statements, freshmen orientation (for both college and high school students), picking good friends, how to make friends, staying positive, how to stay stress free, and a ton more! I also allow you guys to post your own advice, give me suggestions, or ask for general advice via the ASK tab at the top of the page! 

A lot of people have finally started to liking this blog and finding what I'm writing about very helpful, just like this blog and it's been a great way for me to help people the way that I've always wanted to (hence my major in Neuroscience). 

If you'd like to check that blog out here's the link:

I hope to find some new friends over there and I hope that some of you find it helpful! (:

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