Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Judgment and Priorities

The title of this particular blog has one the words I hate the most. It's the word that people keep saying I do. It's the word everyone does and everyone resents. It's the word that scared me the most during my time of my surgery.

The second word is what we dictate our lives over and such. Right? We prioritize. We decide what we need to and what we don't need to do. And part of that can relate to the first word. We set priorities and we judge those who don't have the same priorities. You get the idea.

It's annoying. It's aggravating. We all hate it. And if you like it when people make judgments about you then I'd say that you were a big. fat. liar. Nobody likes to be judged as something they aren't. Nobody likes to be told what they can and cannot do based off of someone's judgment. Hell, nobody likes it when people set your priorities for you. Right? Or am I just generalizing things?

I have set my priorities--especially as a high school students. I also have my own opinions. I also can judge people. As do most. It can be a good judgment or a bad judgment. Either way, we all know that in the back our own little heads, judging others is never okay. So why the hell do we all do it? Why do we put our expectations on others? Is it just to judge other people?

As most of you know, if you've been following this blog enough, you'll know that I'm a Christian. I'm a strong Christian and I love all the fellowship I've made through being a Christian. I believe in God and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It's a stereotype that Christians though are probably one of the most judgmental people. Why? Because we expect others to act the way we do because we assume that our beliefs are the right beliefs. Logically, that makes sense but biblically it doesn't. Christians, as most people would also assume, shouldn't judge others. Nobody should and yet I feel like Christians can be the most who do just that.

The more I go to church the more I feel like people are expecting to know more about God and such. I know that's what's supposed to happen. I know that I should be working on that but when I have other expectations that lay on my shoulders, it's hard to do that. I'm trying not to make mistakes. I don't have the time and I'm not making the time. I'll be honest about that. But what I don't understand is why people can't be understanding of that. No. I can't be a perfect Christian like you. I have other priorities. Yes, God is my top priority but at the same time, it isn't right for others to make my priorities for myself.

I'm a high school student. I'm applying for colleges. I need sleep. I go to church all of Sunday. I go to Youth Group on Wednesdays. I try to prioritize things right now in a way where I won't get bored or frustrated. And it isn't okay for anybody to ask me to prioritize things differently. It's hard enough for me to have down-time, let alone read. I realize I should read the Bible. But randomly asking me what certain means from the Bible is just plain out rude. Especially when my priorities are different than others. I KNOW I need to make time. I also KNOW that I won't do it when people are pressuring me to do so. Being Christian is a choice and asking me to do things for the better of me isn't the same thing. I have to want to do it.

God has made me stronger. I believe that--especially after this surgery. But one of the hardest battles all Christians have is making God our top priority. It's hard. And for someone to go and put pressure on me to know things from the Bible almost throws me off because they just assume things about me. They put weight on my shoulders that I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR.

See what I fail to understand is why Christians seem to assume that we're all perfect and judge others who aren't even though deep down, we all know that we aren't.

Quick update:
Emotional: Okay. Annoyed, but okay.
Swelling: Gone, I'd assume.
Pain: 1/10 ( I still get the occasional pain in teeth when playing clarinet and eating.)
My fistula still kind of has a small opening and the stitches around it are sore.
My diet is back to normal.
Congestion: Bad. I was sick all last week so yeah.

Anyway, that was my rant for the week. Hopefully, I won't have to too many times for that.