Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Update, An Orthodontist Visit

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've updated and I guess that's because I haven't really had time to do that but now that school is officially out, I thought I'd dedicate an hour to writing a well-thought post. 

So, I 'recently' just put up that "This I Believe" essay which was a really big game changer for me just because I felt like I got pretty personal with it. Instead of going with something cheesy and something that didn't impact me so much, I picked something that I was still dealing with and not only that, but I got up and read it in front of my peers. My voice cracked and I could tell that I wasn't really comfortable with sharing it but at the same time, I knew I should have. I think that essay really just helped me reflect in a way that was actually being presented to people. 

Anyway, to further to add to that, I'd like to say that even though this year, school-year-wise, has been my hardest yet, both emotionally and just mentally. I had tons of classes that weren't easy, my best friend moved away, and I had to deal with a huge surgery. At that moment, everything felt like it was crumbling around me and I didn't even think I'd come out of the rubble without a ton of scars. 

It turns out, this year was my best year when it comes to grades and my GPA by the end of the year and honestly, that was one of the most gratifying feeling in the world. I ended up getting 6 A's and 1 B, and by golly, I'll take it! That's a great feeling when things go better than planned and even more so, it's an even more amazing when I came out of the battlefield with my head held higher than I thought it would be. 

On recent news, I had my first orthodontist which made me really depressed in a way and really frustrated. The orthodontists (Is that even grammatically correct?) weren't exactly gentle. I'm still tender and numb but I can definitely feel pain and when doctors start pulling my lips it makes me really nervous. It made me really uncomfortable and just really scared that something wasn't going to go right. 

So to sum it up: I hate the orthodontist. They gave me new bands to put on and then told me that I needed another surgery. Yeah, screw being beautiful. That's how I'm feeling now. I'm not happy with any of this and then they thought it would make me feel better by saying that my braces would be off by September. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO! Dammit. Hell no. I would much rather have braces than have to go back and do another surgery. So yeah. In other words, I'm really frustrated. 

So here's an actual update:

Numbness: My upper lip is still slightly numb and my gums are still numb.
Emotionally: I'm really freaking angry and just depressed at the moment. 
Pain: 5/10
Swelling: I think it's pretty much gone.
Congestion: Comes and goes. But mostly it's not a huge problem. It's mostly my right nostril that gives me issues but currently, it's my left nostril that is clogged.
My speech: Its okay I guess. I think I've finally decided that I won't ever sound like the rest of everyone else.
My smile: Is awkward due to having my wires been taken off and having bands put on. 

Sorry about my hair in this picture. And yes, I'm aware that my smile is awkward. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it.


  1. You're looking incredible! :) I'm so pleased for you! Although I feel your pain with the orthodontist! They only changed my wires and I felt like they were trying to detach my jaw again! Bummer about the second surgery though, but you'll fly through it as you have this one!! :)


    1. Hahaha thanks? I think my smile is still a wonky and stuff. Yeah, I wasn't very fond of my orthodontist. She's not very gentle and just yanks my lips so I wasn't very happy. The second surgery should be easy compared to this one but I don't think I'm very excited about it still.