Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 6: The Hump Has Passed!

So another day has passed and I'm forever thankful for that! 

I am currently on Day 6 to the road to recover and I officially believe that I have gotten over the hump that is this damn surgery! Yesterday seemed to have been the worst of the worst from nausea, throwing up, horrible suppository pills, headaches, and a lot of crying. 

Today, I managed to wake myself at about 9:30AM and I was pleasantly surprised. My headache was gone and my stomach was no longer wanting to be ripped out! My nose pain is basically gone and I'm a pretty happy camper! However, my stomach has decided that it would be a good idea to still be kind of upset and I haven't really eaten all day as I'm deathly afraid! (: Ha! Anyway, my swelling, I've noticed has been going down day by day, which is a blessing! And I've decided to keep the gauze off my face and this is what I look like: 
Excuse my horrible hair and my lack of style, but I have been extremely lazy for the past few days and I'm still going to be doing that until that stupid cast is off my nose! And lemme tell you, as soon as I get the hold of the camera I took my before pictures, I'll start posting those as well! (Side note: I was actually looking around in attempt to procrastinate from blogging and found some rhinoplasty blogs and one of them had absolutely NO pictures. I mean. . . what the HECK? I totally saw no point in a blog with no pictures. . . )

So today has gone quite well. My pups have decided to keep me company on a rainy day and I've been quite happy. I'm still afraid to eat and I haven't decided what to eat so that should be a fun adventure as I try and look through my kitchen. 

And I'm beyond excited to get this stupid thing off my face. . . as I've already said! My appointment is scheduled for this Friday (August 1, 2014) at about 11AM! And I seriously cannot stress how anxious I am! I am nervous about seeing the results and wanting to cry. I'm afraid that I won't like the results and I'm also afraid that it will just plain hurt to get all this stuff off/out of my nose! So if any of you have gone through this, please post comments! (:

Anyway, today has been pretty good and I've been pretty happy with a side of anxiety with eating so that's my update! 

Pain: 1/10
Emotional Status: Pretty good! (:
Dizziness/Nausea: Pretty much gone!
Headache: Slowly going away completely!

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

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