Friday, April 5, 2013

Supplies and Such

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd do a certain part of my blog personally to go into detail as to what I would get for the hospital stay and more importantly, when you get home. These are all some things that I either would want personally or things I got personally for food, health, comfort, sleep, etc. 

For those who are wondering what my case is, well, to be more specific, I had an underbite and I couldn't really tell you specifically for the name but I got my upper jaw moved forward a few mm and I got a bone graft and a fistula closed. My jaw is NOT wired or banded shut yet but it might be shut later so my teeth can line up so to be fair, some of these suggestions will only apply to me as this surgery is all based on your own case.

So high-ho let's go!

For food/drink:
Mashed Potatoes (yes!) and gravy (if you like it, if not, it's not really that important).
Apple Sauce
Gritz (I put cheese in them after a while but they're really good if you don't get tired of them)
Milkshake items (yogurt, fruits, milk, etc)
Pancakes (Some people won't be ready to eat these, as well as the rice and the scrambled eggs. It all depends.)
Any drink that you like (for me: Gatorade, Tea, Water, stuff like that)
Rice (this one I will tell you that you aren't probably going to want that much so it isn't necessary for you to get them. It's just a suggestion if you want something different.)
Scrambled Eggs
Soups (just the broth though)
Macaroni & Cheese (I mushed this up a lot to eat it)
Baby spoons (as a supply)
Syringe (most doctors supply this when you leave the hospital I hear. It makes eating certain things and drinking things a lot easier.)
Straw (I've officially been able to drink from a straw since, two days ago, I think, and it's a little easier than the Syringe.)

As I said, this is my case and what I like but they are ideas because I know some people will probably a little upset about not being able to eat what you normally can.

A kind of stand up pillow (I have one and it's really nice to use to sit up when I sleep and just for my back in general)
Lip Balm
Mouthwash (I have prescribed crap but it's definitely helpful)
baby toothbrush
lotion (my face gets really dry these days now)
And pretty much anything else you're probably going to want that's obvious like comfortable clothes, blankets, etc.)

Hope this was of any help to some of you but if I think of anymore, I'll update this portion of the blog.

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